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There have been many dogs that have come to me, either through neglect and abuse, or the owners being unable to care for their pet. Most have gone on to loving homes and others have stayed with us.

There are several memorable guests, some for their sweet disposition, or because their neglect has been so awful.

The first dog ever was Buster, though I was not aware that the future would be quite like it has been. Buster was 5 years old when he came to me, he had been owned by a guy who was seriously impaired when he had the thought that he would love his dog. There are some sick people out there, and sadly Buster boar the markings of pain, humiliation and being trapped. He was scared only of his previous owner, and would cower and whimper when he saw him. Living in a small town we ended up seeing him quite a lot. After a time Buster realised that he could no longer be hurt by this guy, and one day as much to my amazement and surprise as everyone else who witnessed it, the guy walked up to do his usual intimidation, and Buster leap at him, in full attack mode. I have never seen anything like it, and it was the one and only time he had ever done it. safe to say the man did not try to intimidate anymore, but instead crossed the road to stay away. Buster sadly died in my arms after being with me for nearly 6 years, after a major miss diagnosis by the vet, he suffered a very painful death, it still haunts me. Buster was cremated and his casket sits on my desk, he is still with me in everything I do and will always be there. He was the kind of dog you only ever get to experience once in your life, and everyone knew and loved him, a gentler kinder dog I would never find.

Some of the dogs that have gone on to new homes recover from their past experiences and injuries, and its always amazing to see a dog, cowering and limping and looking like its almost dead, and then to see it after having lots of T.L.C., to being a bouncing happy dog, full of life and vitality.

Sadly some that have arrived have been just too sick or injured to save, ad have had to be put to sleep, but thankfully this is not very often.

Every one that arrives gets the full go, and we try to help everyone, no matter the age, condition or disposition.

There are the successes and the failures when re-homing, though tight home checks and agreement papers have to be signed. I keep a check on most of the re-homed, until I feel they are settled and happy and the new owners are in control, but I have had the odd time when I have had to take an animal back, often resulting in threats and animosity, but the first and main concern is the animal, both its health, safety and its general welfare.

Some of our past residents,

Spud, a short haired Jack Russell, thrown out onto the streets at 3 months of age. Found a home with a family of 4, and the kids include him in everything.

Snoopy, a Dalmatian, collie cross, beaten, kicked and starved for the first 18 months of his life, he was re-homed, only to me moved from home to home, as soon as we found out we stepped in and took him back. He was very sick, but made a full recovery and is livnig out his life with family that adore him

Odin a Black and tan jack Russell who I removed from the terrible conditions he was living in, and though it was touch and go for a while, he made a full recovery and is living with us as a permanent resident

Twiggy, a brown and white terrier, who had been hit and abused by a family, she is timid and does not like children, she also lives here.

Jessica a sheltie, who had suffered a lot of abuse, it caused a nervous reaction and went by the nickname nervous nerris, she had a bad eye from where she had been hit on the head, and when she arrived we had to remove the eye to stop any more pain for her. She went to my mother and sadly joined rainbow bridge last year.

Prince a Black and white Lurcher, the gentle giant, he lived with me for a long time before joining my mother, he was Busters partner in crime. He had been thrown out of a car and hit by the car driving behind, he was starving and looked awful, he made a full recovery and joined rainbow bridge last year.

Jobi, a cairn terrier, came to us at a very ripe age after having several homes where he had been abused and beaten, his list of homes was very sad and he had suffered abuse by nearly all of them. In defence he retaliated and bit a few people. he came to me and his fear was visible, he did not understand kindness, as he had never had any in his long life. Whilst trying to clean up his flea infestation he bit me and put my hand out of commission for a few weeks, I decided to keep him, and he mellowed out and became a family member. He sadly had to be put to sleep after living with me for 3 years as the injuries that had been caused when he was a pup and growing up had damaged him to the point of him being in pain. The vet felt it was the only option, he died in my arms, knowing kindness with his last breath.

Max a Yorkshire terrier, he spent the first 9 months of his life in dog box, whilst his owner worked 12 hours a day, and had been in the box since the age of 8 weeks, he was let out when they remembered. He was terrified of people, did not know how to play with toys, and was a ball of tangles and dirty fur. He is now a permanent resident, though he is temperamental and has been known to try to sink his teeth in to several people.

Chief, a 6 week old Lurcher, joined by his 2 brothers Luka & Wolf

Sadly I cant help them all, though I wish I could, and with 9 dogs living as permanent residents, we have had to stop taking any in, but offer the service of helping to find homes for needy doggies. We have also had to give up the holiday boarding, as we do not have the facilities to cater for them.

If you have a dog that you need re-homed please send full details and we will try to help. Also if you feel that you can offer a stable, experienced and loving home to a dog, please contact me.