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Furry Felines

We have had several felines, both pass through as re-homing cases as well as coming in as permanent residents.

Tom & Jerry, Brothers that had lived together for many years, and when their owners split up they were left with the husband who did not like cats. He did not allow them in the house, nor did they get fed regularly, so when they came to me Tom had a major infection in his gums from some of the bad things he had been foraging for. He found it very hard to eat, and we had some of his teeth removed to try to stop the infection. We returned to the vet every week for injections to help, and for a short time it seemed to be working. It was heart breaking to see this old brave guy squeal and run each time he tried to eat, in the end we thought it would be kinder to him to let him rest and join rainbow bridge. Jerry is still with us, and is greatly loved by everyone. He is 18 years old so though he is slowing down, he is still a wonder to watch

Porsha, a stray that turned up on our door step all by herself. She refused to leave so she joined us. We took her to the vet, and whilst doing checks he told us that not only was she only about 7-9 months old, she was also pregnant.

I helped her give birth to 4 kittens, I had to get them out of the sacks as she did not know what to do. One of the kittens had a major abdominal deformity, so I rushed to the vet to have him put to sleep, the other 3 boys were fully fit and healthy. Two of the boys got homes with people who already had cats, and a young couple homed both Porsha and her son Austin.

Tia, She was used as a door stop and a play thing by a family who had 5 children under 7. She lived a nightmare each day, and several times almost lost her life due to the abuse of the children. She lives here as a permanent resident, and is very affectionate and loving.

Suki, A tortoshell female cat that had been so over fed her stomack had open sores where it had been dragging on the floor. She was so timid that when she first got here she would not come out from the sofa for 4 days. Though she is still timid, she loves to have fuss, and of course she has a new slimline figure.

Obviously the problem that most cats have is that everyone wants and falls in love with the cute and fluffy kitten, but when they grow up and dont look so cute anymore, a lot of cats get booted out and replaced by a new kitten.

There have been many cats, each has their own story, and all they need is a whole lot of T.L.C. and the basic creature comforts. Most that have been re-homed have had loving caring homes, but sadly some have been returned, or I have taken them back due to lack of care.