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Feeds, Equipment and Vet Fund

As a rescue there are always things we need, such as animal feeds (Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird seed, and other specialised feeds) Heat blankets, dog beds, blankets, cat toys, dog toys, Incubator/brooder for hopitalised birds, the list is endless. We also need funds for the vet bills, flea and worming treatments, spaying and neutering/castration, etc.

If you can donate anything at all, please feel free, we can not pay you for any items and they would only be accepted as donations.


We are able to accept cheques with US Dollars, and Pounds (GB) If you are of any other nation and you want to make a donation to the vet fund, please contact us before you send it. We have to make sure the bank will accept it.

All Cheques should be made payable to B Laity and all monies donated will go directly into the vet fund, (under no circumstances will the money be used for any other things) If you do make a donation, let us know your details and if you wish we will add you to our donations space.

If you are making a donation, please specify if you would like it to go to the vet fund, or whether you would like it to go for equipment and general needs (IE, building materials for extending aviary etc)


There are currently several animals that are staying here that are in need of sponsors, If you want to help, and sponsor one of these furry or feathered friends, please make contact, and I will forward the list of sponsorships.

Make a furry friend happy!!!!!