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News and Latest

New Residents

6th August 2001

We had a 6 week old Lurcher pup join us 2 weeks ago and yesterday we had a call to see if we could take one more, it ended up being 2. Rather than re-homing them the 3 will stay with us here as part of the family. That brings the dog count up to 9.

5th August 2001

3 Cockatiels adult cocks and 2, 1 month old chicks arrived yesterday, they are all grey, and will live out their lives in the aviary.

8th August

1 Blue Gourami female was donated due to the loss of her mate.

9th August,

Cookie & Tilly the Cockatiels are arriving for a weekend break whilst their owners are away.

16th August
Georgie a glouster canary arrived with cage and toys, sadly his owner was allergic.

17th August
Cinnamon a hen canary arrived, and has joined Georgie in quarantine.

3rd September
Poppy & Jasper, male and female Eclectus arrived from Devon

8th June 2002

Wow, bumper time since last update, Lucky, 10 month old female british shorthair joined us from a family who suffered bad allegies.

Grace, and her 2 brothers joined us after their mom was run over, they were only 3-4 weeks, and had not eaten for several days. The two brothers have gone on to their new home now that they are 10 weeks old and Grace has found a sponsor, so she is now a permanent resident.

Porto, a yellow canary found in someones garden, they felt unable to keep him, and a love bird baby joined us from the same place.

We have also given a permanent home to a flock of 8 love birds and a male Kakariki.

We have hatched our own lovebirds this year, 3 chicks (2 peachface and 1 yellow pied).

We have also taken in Ghost, a very small ring neck who has severely disabled feet. He has platforms rather than perches and is doing better than anyone expected. The vet wanted him put to sleep but the breeder contacted us instead. He is in no pain or discomfort and loves his fresh fruit and vegetables.

January 2004


We have had oodles of temporary residents as well as some permanent residents since the last update, 2 of the lurchers have gone to new homes, as has Tess, our little ball of fluff, If you sign up for the Newsletter you can keep up with all the comings and goings